Musik zwischen Free Jazz und akustischer Kunst.
"Was heute fern liegt, kann morgen nahe liegen; es kommt nur darauf an, daß man imstande ist, sich zu nähern." Arnold Schönberg


Matthias Bornemann


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Track  Inhalt  iVeröffentlichung  Cover  fRANK bERZIK  Michael Pabst  Matthias Bornemann  
between composition and improvisation  30.01.11     Alto-Sax (in ship)  sound transformation, guitar and bass   drumcomputer  
Movement I, II, III  Free improvised music - NEUE beFREItE MUSIK
Sounds between free jazz and contemporary music.  
27.11.10  Alto-Sax  electronics   guitar and percussion 


MOT goes Metall
Maschienenhalle, ehem. DB-Ausbesserungswerk Köln


Im Herbst 2010 begann die Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Kölner Improvisations-Musiker fRANK bERZIK und den Hillener KlangKünstlern des The Research Institute; Matthias Bornemann und Michael Pabst.
Die frei improvisierte Musik zeigt sich hier einmal von Bühne und klassischer Interaktion der Musiker befreit. Diese Studioproduktion bietet darum nicht nur klanglich ein völlig neues Hörerlebnis.

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Berzik, Bornemann, Pabst ist ein virtuelle Improvisations-Verlinkung, die neue Wege der musikalischen Improvisation via iNet beschreiten. Blog doch...


The Research Institute

Hear and now

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The Research Institute’s small but efficient music laboratory and recording studio is located in the North German Wastelands (Hille) where a DSL-socket provides distribution and communication with the outside world nevertheless.


Matthias Bornemann and Michael Pabst played improvisational music together on stage as early as 1978. Matthias Bornemann played punk-rock for a few years then and soon got more interested in music for tape and the work in a recording studio along with studies of electroacoustic music in Hanover and electronic composition in Cologne.

"In the early 70's I started doing home recordings. My first tapedeck by Grundig allowed to make recordings like "duoplay" and "multiplay". Soon after that I built my first selfmade synthesizer and started to play live electronic improvised music. My first meetings with Michael Pabst … I remember a live concert and Michael Pabst was part of the band. He played the saxophone! As a matter of fact for a very short time we played improvised rock music in a band named "Frozen Ink". – MB

Meanwhile Michael Pabst as a bassplayer started to try out his own compositions of an ambitious sort of fusion-rock with fellow musicians along with playing in several reggae-, soul-pop- and cover band projects in the early- and mid-eighties. The ensemble "Pabst" recorded its first CD of original material in 1992, was soon renamed "The Research Institute" and became a studio project under the direction of Michael Pabst.

After a few major fiascos with commercial studios The Research Institute started to do all their productions on their own. The albums "Universum" (1998) and "Flies" (2003) have been released from this work and some reputation was acquired especially in the prog-world.

Since others seem to have departed from active membership, The Research Institute is now Matthias Bornemann and Michael Pabst, currently working in the field of improvisation (again) and electroacoustic arts.

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